Ventura IT

Ventura IT

Tel 805 644 9981


Ventura IT is a web development, custom programming, search engine optimization (SEO), web hosting, and full service IT company located in beautiful Ventura, CA. Ventura, CA is a beach town located just 30 min north of Malibu and 30 min south of Santa Barbara. It is approximately 1 hour north of Los Angeles on the 101 freeway.

* web development
* software design
* e-commerce solutions
* search engine optimization (seo)
* web hosting & dedicated servers
* custom video streaming web sites
* social networking web sites
* web site design and maintenance
* Internet marketing
* content management systems (cms)
* web site hosting
* internet applications
* graphic design
* logo design

Supported platforms & systems:

* microsoft windows, freebsd, linux, unix, mac os, *nix
* apache, iis
* html (all brands)
* php, asp, .net, jsp, python, perl, ruby on rails (all scripting languages)
* mysql and all sql formats
* c++, c#, c
* delphi, coldfusion, java
* flash, actionscript, 3d design and rendering
* javascript, ajax
* dreamweaver, frontpage, adobe
* joomla, mambo
* moveable type, wordpress
* os commerce, vencart, x-cart, cube cart, zen cart, cre loaded, paypal
*, verisign, paypal pro
* directadmin, cpanel
* xml, rss

Ventura IT

Tel 805 644 9981


web design


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